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Kristen shows her new ring off to the camera (photo by Carla Hotvedt of

Kristen Edwards, engagement ring still getting comfortable on her finger, glowed with excitement showing off the diamond to a radio broadcaster at the Disney Wedding Pavilion open house in Orlando, Florida. Her longtime boyfriend Mark Taber had popped the question just two days before, right in front of Cinderella’s Castle.  Kristen and Mark have an adorable daughter named Amelia and the whole family loves Disney World, so it was a natural fit for Mark to propose and Kristen to say “Yes!”  The wedding is planned for next year.  Congratulations to Kristen and Mark, and enjoy the proposal story, as told by Kristen…

Mark surprises Kristen with a wedding proposal in front of Cinderella's Castle (Disney photo)

But first, How They Met

“In 2007, I was finishing up college in Kansas City and working nights as a cocktail waitress at a local casino. Mark had just started his job as a slot machine attendant at the same casino. I remember seeing him as he was learning the ropes on the gaming floor and seeing the look he gave me. The first thought that crossed my mind was, “Great here comes another one.” Cocktail waitresses see the look he gave me a lot. He told me later that when he saw me, he knew he had to talk to me.

A week or so later, he came looking for me on the floor to let me know someone in his work area on the floor needed a drink and he’d be happy to show me where the person was. As I passed by him, he put his hand on the small of my back to guide me along. It was a very sweet and gentle gesture that perked up interest about him. After taking the drink order I asked around and found out he was single.

We started eating lunch together on our breaks and learning about each other. Occasionally, I’d catch him scoping me out as I served the card tables. But, then again, he was a 6’4″ tall guy in bright red shirt among a sea of purple and green carpet. How could anyone not notice him following them around!

One evening, after hanging out with some friends he and I decided to meet up for a late night meal at Denny’s. As we sat there chatting he leaned over and he kissed me. We’ve been inseparable ever since.

The Proposal

My mom had been taking me to Disney World ever since I was three years-old. I grew up with it and it holds a place in my heart where I can revisit some of the happiest moments in my childhood. When our daughter, Amelia, was born Mark and I started taking her when she was seven months old. Her first trip was Mark’s first trip to Disney as well. They both had a good time and he always gets the Disney look in his eye after a few months back and starts to talk about going back.

We went to Disney in August 2010 for our third trip as a family. On our third day there, we went to the Magic Kingdom for Extra Magic Hours in the morning. We got there right when the park opened to resort guests and raced to Fantasyland to ride Peter Pan and a few other rides Amelia had been talking about riding in the past few days but always seem to have crazy long lines throughout the day. After riding Peter Pan, Dumbo, the Carousel and meeting Pinocchio, Mark had mentioned he was getting hungry. I suggested that we head back to Main Street and go to the bakery to get some coffee and a light breakfast.

Engaged! (Disney photo)

On the way through the castle, Mark said that he wanted to get our picture in front of the castle before we got too hot and melted looking. I agreed and kept an eye out for a PhotoPass photographer. As soon as we got to the end of the castle walkway I spotted one and we got in line for our castle photo. When it was our turn, Amelia, being two, didn’t want to be in the picture. So I just parked the stroller she was in next to our photographer and just Mark and I took the picture. After the picture was taken I began to walk back to Amelia and the photographer said, “Ok and one more.” I turned back to Mark and he was on one knee with a ring. He asked if I would marry him and I, of course, said yes, all the while the photographer taking pictures of the whole thing.

I had a feeling he was going to propose on the trip, we had gone ring shopping a few months earlier, but I had no idea where or how he was going to do it. It was a surprise in that respect. I just wish I had on a cuter outfit that day. lol”

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Kristen Edwards and Mark Taber’s wedding proposal at Disney World’s Cinderella Castle, Orlando, Florida, October 2010.  Photo provided by Disney.  Contact Carla Hotvedt at

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